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About us

Leading the Industry

With over 15 years experience in the beauty industry, we are proud to introduce BB Glow Skin Care Trainings throughout Canada.  We have partnered with world renowned trainer, Ksenija Karabegovic, to provide the best methods and products to our students.  

BB Glow also known as MTS - Micro Therapy System is a revolutionary skin care treatment that can reduce the appearance of fine lines with a brightening and lightening effect of your skin. It also helps with skin discoloration caused by acne and photo-aging or age spots.  

Looking for an edge?


Many beauticians say the industry is saturated; and find it difficult to separate themselves from their competitors. 

BB Glow is the 'next big thing', which can be a very lucrative addition to your services.  Since BB Glow is a relatively new technology, your earning potential is unlimited!

We are the first training centre based in Canada to offer BB Glow trainings throughout Canada.

Our Training Program


We offer extensive in-class trainings throughout Canada.

Our graduates are provided with ongoing support at no additional cost; and have access to our industry leading products through an alumni discount.

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